Ocean Exchange ( Fujian) Foreign Trade Services Co Ltd
China Based Fraudster

Member has notified the exchange of the above company that is accused of issuing fraudulent orders and asking for advance money.

The company claims that it has orders from the central govt for sugar and other frozen products., while the company is not self funded, it uses a company in China called CISM Limited with  office at room 3805, 38 Block 6, Harbour City, 9 Guangdong Avenue Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. with its bank account with Bank of China ( HK) Ltd  with the account number 012 883 2 009 778 9

The company approaches vendors with potential orders and then demands upfront shipment documents and also kickback for orders. In some cases the company demands upfront payment and commission upto 40 USD per MT on commodity orders., Which is money laundering and kickback according to Chinese law.

The company is under investigation for corruption and money laundering by US treasury and EU  US sanction list. The company is also accused for money laundering on behalf of Russian companies  against US Sanctions.

Additional information on this company are  Tel +86 591 2292 0670. email ocean_hmt@163 and chunshen_hk@163, sunian1988@hotmail Mr. Hong Yin with an Australian number +61 4552 212 789 other contact person Maggie.

Members are adviced not to deal with this company as credit risk insurance cover for this company is withdrawn globally.

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